Winning Two GSMA Global Mobile Awards

by Martin Westin in

Yesterday, Feb 28 2012, Great Connection Inc, the company I co-founded and work for, won two GSMA Global Mobile Awards. We won both categories relating to healthcare and both our nominations. As this is the equivalent to an Oscar or a Grammy in our industry, but far less glamourous, it's pretty awesome.

We won for Best Mobile Health Innovation and mWomen Best Mobile Product or Service for Women in Emerging Markets. As the product designer, lead developer and inventor I am most touched by the the fact that the Judges comments seem to recognize the work of my co-developer and myself.

Good initiative concerning maternal health. Nice convergence of a number of technologies in a critical area of need.

It is not easy to grasp a technical system and product like ours. Mobile Baby spans two very different industries: healthcare and mobile, and also cross many "glass walls". Professional and consumer, men and women, rural and urban and many others. We have built a product that is irreverent towards pre-conceived notions in both healthcare IT and mobile communications and struggle to be understood and accepted in either industry.

The TL;DR or what Mobile Baby is that we connect medical imaging equipment, mainly ultrasound, to the internet and run a hosted "cloud" system tailored to making geography and time a non-issue in the healthcare workflow. Images are available in clinical grade formats online in our web-based application and can be downloaded and opened in Imaging workstation software on iPhones, iPads or "real" computers.

The feature that most people can relate to is the systems ability to provide expecting parents with high-rez images and videos in consumer-friendly digital formats for viewing at home and forwarding to family and friends. The same messaging features that give parents images on their phones is also used to alert doctors of new cases and examinations.

Anyway. I am proud, both for myself but most for my colleges and partners at Qualcomm and Etisalat. Without all these people (too many to mention) and their ability to connect with people and generate interest, hype and trust, I would still be designing this product in even more obscurity than today. :)