My work at the 2010 CES in Las Vegas

by Martin Westin in

This is so cool

[caption id="attachment_95" align="alignnone" width="440" caption="Paul Jacobs (left) and Eric Topol (right) demo Mobile Baby at CES"]Paul Jacobs (left) and Eric Topol (right) demo Mobile Baby at CES[/caption]

My work at Great Connection: developing, filing patents, taking meetings, and most of all drinking coffee, has finally been outed is a significant way. Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, the CEO of Qualcomm and Dr. Eric J. Topol, a most prominent medical doctor working to improve IT in medicine, demonstrated Mobile Baby at the Consumer Electronics Show in las Vegas on January 8, 2010.

Mobile Baby is the coolest application in the system I develop at work. The service transmits medical images from echo machines (ultrasound), CTs, MRs or any similar digital "x-ray" type device, to any mobile phone, any email inbox and a few social networking apps.

I am humbled and very happy that these "big shot americans" have taken notice of the work have done and say such nice things about it.