A Few More Details About Me.



Martin Westin

martin [] eimermusic.com

+46 (0) 709 88 55 88

Professional Profile

I have a mixed background with University training including both Social and Computer Sciences. More specifically: Learning and Communication alongside Multimedia (as it was called at the time). This makes me a quite rare blend of technologist and humanist.

I live and work in Stockholm, Sweden, and I have been in the Media and IT industries since 1994. Between 1998 and 2006 I worked at Stockholm University. I divided my time between lecturing and heading up technology developments for it's IT programme called Multimedia, education & technology. Before leaving, I spent a year at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences.

I lectured and ran courses in subjects like Computer Graphics, Animation, Audio & Video, Web Design, Web Development and Game Programming.

Development projects included Intranet Community developments, Video streaming of lectures, online examinations and other Internet-supported distance learning projects.

In 2004 I started freelancing part-time (full-time from 2006) developing websites, web applications and campaigns for companies like DHL, Apple, Scandinavian Airlines, 7-Eleven, 3M and many other clients large and small. I have also worked in a small production company developing in Flash.

In December 2007 I joined 2 other crazy fools and set out to improve healthcare. At least that's what we ended up doing. Our award winning company is Trice Imaging, inc.

The Awards? We won two GSMA awards in 2012 (Company was named Great Connection at the time). Two more GSMA awards in 2015. In 2015 we also won a Swedish national equivalent 'Guldmobilen' (Swedish Mobile Awards).

Personal Profile

I have an affinity for computers, but you can probably guess that already. Generally I am interested in anything creative. Music, painting, photography, videography, programming. I dabble, or have dabbled in them all. And: Yes. Programming is very creative if you want it to be.

I grew up with lots of music in the house. Instruments, not stereo sets. My main instrument is the piano but I can make pleasant noises with a few other instruments if given a chance. This combined with an interest in computers and a disinterest in unreliable band members lead me to start using computers so make music. A computer is a stupid band member but it does exactly what I want exactly when I tell it to... :)