My name is Martin Eimer Westin and this is my website.


I am currently Chief Product Officer at Trice Imaging, Inc. This gives me roles like Product Manager/Owner, Developer, Application Designer, and Inventor among others. Mainly I design and drive the direction of the company's platform for medical image communication with a lot of help from our growing team of developers.

This website was originally a way to promote and sell my music. However, I soon found the demand for other services far outweighed that for musical scores. The name remains as a tribute to my original passion (or possibly I am just lazy).


What is Tricefy exactly?

Explaining what I do is typically difficult. The following videos provide a rare glimpse into what Trice does and how the product and technologies can be used. Enjoy. You can also read more about our projects on the company website.

Tricefy. The Ultrasound Cloud. Share specific information with patients and other physicians, on the fly simply by pushing a single button on your ultrasound system. Experience our zero-footprint DICOM Viewer and integrated collaboration features in Tricefy; wherever you are, from any device.
In emergency medicine, every second counts. Learn how Samsung's PT60A tablet-based ultrasound system is enabling medics at Bedford, DFW Airport and Hurst Fire Departments in Texas to make critical patient treatment decisions that can save time and lives in the "golden hour" following a traumatic injury.
Every day, around the world, approximately 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Ninety-nine percent of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries and the rate is higher among women living in rural areas, and in poorer communities. Severe bleeding is one of the leading reasons women die in childbirth. The only way of detecting abnormal placenta challenges is via an ultrasound.

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