My name is

Martin Eimer Westin

and this is my website

Current Projects


I am Chief Product Officer at my award winning company is Trice Imaging, inc. We started back in 2008 in Sweden, established the US entity in 2010 and operate in around 40 countries (as of mid 2019).

Awards? We won two GSMA awards in 2012 (Company was named Great Connection at the time). Two more GSMA awards in 2015. In 2015 we also won a Swedish national equivalent 'Guldmobilen' (Swedish Mobile Awards).

Past Work


I was Chief Technology Officer at Qyre for 2 years. Qyre is a tool for recruitment, communication and production management made by and for professionals in the media production industry.


I did a technology recovery project and improved the stability and quality of the tech stack at Stilla. Stilla Motion is a wireless motion alarm. "Instant alerts in your phone if something moves when it shouldn't."

I have a mixed past, working on both visual media and web-based productions.
These old showreels highlight work between 2004 and 2007.


Videos & Animation


I am currently using Soundcloud to host tracks. I will keep a few playlists here for direct playback.

Soundtracks & (Fake) Orchestral

(Mostly) Ambient Electronica